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You will find everything you would like to know about our project The Blue BOAT Initiative in these interviews with well-known professionals who participate in it.

José Aníbal Fernández

We talked with Sergio Palma, director for Chile of the Environmental Defense Fund. The conversation was about the main projects that this institution leads for the protection of the oceans, their resources and the mitigation of climate change, as well as the challenges they face with The Blue BOAT Initiative.

Do not miss this conversation and discover the importance of science and technology in the development of communities that depend on diverse ecosystems worldwide.

Michel André

We talked with Michel André, president of The Sense of Silence Foundation. He told us about bioacoustic, sounds, the acoustic dimension of the ocean and how The Blue BOAT Initiative seeks to reduce the problem of ship strikes and whales.

Don’t miss this conversation and discover the importance of listening to the whales and ocean.

José Aníbal Fernández

We talk with José Aníbal Fernández, director at the Ministry of Foreing Affairs, Commisioner of Chile before the international Whaling Comission and member of The Blue BOAT Initiative proyect. We talk about the importance of cetaceans, their main threats and the role of Chile and the International Whaling Comission in the protection of whales. Find out more at this interview!